pasq d mawalla

Pasquè D. Mawalla


Pasquè Dudley Mawalla is a designer with roots from Tanzania, East Africa; where he completed his preliminary education before moving to Milan to further his higher education.

Design has always been a large part of Pasquès earlier career being the main expression tool to his thinking in diverse fields of design. With a background in architecture, furniture and light design had become areas of interest for him as he got to develop his understanding of space through architecture. 

This ideology of space and the interaction one has with space is what got him on the path to designing furniture pieces that would compliment the ideology.

His inspiration for his furniture and light designs are fetched far and wide to create memorable forms and elegant pieces that when combined in space create memorable impressions.

Pasquè summarises by saying design is a living, breathing being; and its the transfer of energy from the designer to the design. We know we have done a good job when we are able to transfer and invoke that same energy/emotion in the viewer’s eye through the piece.

Awards & References

2018 Gold winner-European Product Design Awards

Band Mirror - featured in Yanko Design

Savanna Stool - Featured in Paredro, Furniture Trends

Smart Shaker Product Concept- Featured on Yanko Design