Name: Ngoma
Code: D35_017
Year: 2017
Dimensions: (Height: 55cm Diameter: 82cm)

The design of the Ngoma pulls from the African drum tables with its form and structure. Through its elements the design maintains an open circular top (drum head) that is now wrapped in treated leather or could still be wrapped in cow hide for a more interesting patterned and textured top. The stitching on the edges of the leather are a reflection of the original rawhide stripes that were used to bound the drum head to the body but not as pronounced as was in the original drum table.

The body of the the Ngoma has followed closely the design ques of the original drum table with an addition of more curvuture for a more significant and modern appearance. The body is still made out of wood  with a touch of brass / gold that runs along the brim of the body to enhance the tables design.

The legs of the Ngoma table have been increased from the original count of 3 feet / zebra hooves to four sturdy legs. The legs are positioned towards the center of the body  to ensure sturdiness of the table. To finish off the re-design of the new Ngoma table the legs are braced together by Gold coated rods that enhances the character of the newly imagined  Ngoma table. The redesign of such an antique instrument from Africa results in a beautiful modernised piece of furniture with great history and traditional roots.

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